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Inbound Services

I2M (Inbound to Manufacturer) is the management of the end to end flow from supplier to the production site including transportation, inventory control and warehousing activities to deliver an optimized inventory strategy and reduced costs.

Major customer benefits from I2M are:

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

VMI is inventory management on behalf of a OEM customer where ownership of the inventory is in the supplier‘s name in a warehouse and held in close proximity to the OEM. Stocking is based on agreed inventory levels between the two parties and the customer will take ownership upon consumption of inventory thereby postponing ownership until the last moment.

Major customer benefits from VMI:

Distribution Services (DS)

DS is managing the physical transportation activities associated with a customer’s finished goods inventory. Multiple modes of transportation are leveraged through our Supply Chain network or that of a third party transportation provider.

Major customer benefits from Distribution Services:

Road Services

Supply Chain offers you reliable and time-definite door-to-door transport. Supply Chain is specialized in developing and operating customer-specific trucking services for distribution or inbound logistics. Performance control through control tower structures and defined key performance indicators, supported by our IT solutions, ensure an optimal material flow within your supply chain. By connecting our locations, we are able to offer you tailor-made solutions for full truck or less than full truck cargo loads.

FTL (Full Truck Load)

FTL represents the fastest door-to-door service with the shortest transit, both for standard services as well as special transports, like heavy or oversized goods.

LTL (Less than Truck Load) and consolidation

This is a cost-efficient alternative to individually packaged shipments with maximum flexibility and reliability. You’ll benefit from a comprehensive offering of connected transport solutions, real time visibility & high reliability.

Warehousing Services

Value-Added Warehousing Solutions to Streamline Your Supply Chain Warehousing requirements vary by company size, industry sector and product type. Instead of fitting our customers into cookie-cutter products, Supply Chain employs a Lean operating model to engineer facilities around each industry and company we serve.

Waste Removed, Value Added Our Lean value-added solutions are designed to minimize waste and maximize productivity. In practice, this means reduced inventory carrying costs, less time spent on order-picking and administrative tasks, and fewer frustrating out-of-stock events. It also means increased working capital, better on-time performance and enhanced safety, security, accuracy and control.

Our Warehousing Services Include:

Planning Services

Our planning services focus on providing highly efficient web integrated planning model that helps customer manage the core business while we ensure the optimum inventory levels, order fulfillment, reduced outages and a comprehensive ‘Early Warning Tracking System’ that helps customer get advance indication to potential failures & act well in advance. Our planning services include:

Planning and Forecasting

Our system can help you with PPC activities

Order Management

We get the demand file from our customers and then manage the complete gamut of planning activities that includes inventory planning, lead time management, order fulfillment, visibility etc.

Capacity Management

Capacity management tool helps manage your capacity in such a way that your capacity plan is always optimized. The model ensures that your Capacity Plan is completely integrated to your MRP.

Packaging Services

Packaging Solutions

Our packaging solutions are broadly categorized into ‘Returnable’ and ‘Expendable’. The solution integrates with our supply chain expertise and helps users drive the organizational goals of optimum cost, minimum damage and sustainable growth


Consumers preferences have begun to shift towards more eco-friendly products and green packaging solutions. We take a green packaging life cycle approach, rather then solely focusing on just the packaging material. The life cycle approach to sustainable packaging looks at the packaging from production to distribution and all the way through to the end of the packaging life cycle. Let us help your company develop sustainable packaging for your product line, a solution that is Green, Cost Effective, Reliable & Efficient

Expendable Packaging

Cost effective packaging solution that helps you minimize cost, optimize space & reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Procurement Services

If you are looking to outsource your procurement services, we are there to help. We provide procurement services that align to your organizational goals of lowest TCO, Strategic Supplier Relationship Management and product Quality. Let us help you with our procurement services for various product & services (Direct & Indirect).

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